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The Name Hunk Golden signifies, forward looking, resplendent, appealing and ambitious sustainable strengths all through the organisational journey

An ideology that perfectly defines an organisation objectively. One with ambitious and futuristic goals!

As founders of Hunk Golden; we have a deep rooted belief that the name of the organisation builds the character and vision of each and every individual who’s aligned with the organisation and is committed in achieving the organisational objectives.


Professional Networks

Hunk golden has more than 2000 networks which helps agency to create online & offline presence


PR & Digital media experience

Hunk golden has team members who have more than 25 years of experience in PR& Digital media.

Rajesh Jathar

Rajesh has over 20 years of broadcast media experience. He has been instrumental in launching many successful channels across the country have worked with TV Today, NDTV, Times Now, ET Now, and many more media houses.

Sonia Kulkarni

Sonia has over 20 years of experience in managing PR for large corporates across India. She is well connected across national media platforms and has worked with Ketchum Sampark, Adfactors, and other international PR companies.

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Hunk Golden exists to help companies inspire, adapt and take advantage of change. We orchestrate people, systems, processes and technology to work together and better our clients’ businesses.